Meeting 8 March and all meetings in the future - Get Your Gear Out

Get Your Gear Out!


There will be a new segment at each of the clubs monthly meetings. It will be held at the end of other scheduled business and will be called “Get Your Gear Out!” We encourage everyone to bring their camera and/or other equipment to each and every meeting of the club plus you may want to bring along your camera manual.

We will break off into small groups in an informal fashion. The purpose has several dimensions.


First, it will provide a forum for learning about equipment and photography in general. This is aimed at beginners. Those who are just getting started, who have a camera and are unsure about how to use it or are unsure about the myriad of technical aspects of the art that goes into making good images. Bring your gear, ask questions, and get answers. This is a mentoring forum, partially structured to allow you, the member wanting to get up to speed, a place to solve problems, overcome hurdles and get started with making great images and entering the competitions. There will be a session leader for this group, a member who has been shooting long enough to have the experience and knowledge necessary to make the gathering meaningful for you. From buttons and dials to buzz words and concepts, this session is for you the beginner. No Question is Too Trivial

Second, more for the experienced, in an unstructured way, it will foster a social opportunity for sharing enthusiasm about your particular gear as well as the chance to take an interest in what others have. Bring your gear, show off something new and interesting or see what someone else might have that you have been considering buying; cameras, tripods, lenses, filters, bags – it’s all good! 


In all, get your gear out. Bring your gear to the meetings; a camera, a new lens, even accessories you think others would be interested in seeing or that you are just excited to finally own and want to show off.

This is neural networking at its best. Make connections, make friends, join in, share your enthusiasm, share your knowledge, and make your membership come alive by being active in the club. Make the club work for you by being an active participant in it.

So Get Your Gear Out! See you at the meetings. Next meeting is March 8 at Chartwell.


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