Meeting 11 October 2018

Guest Presenters: Mike Rowlinson and Catherine Davey


Mike Rowlinson will be presenting "Photos From India".  
    Mike has been a GBPC club member since 2008, shortly after moving to Collingwood.  He took on board roles and was President from 2012-13.  His work-travel schedule is a double-edged sword.  While often preventing Mike from attending meetings and events it allowed him the opportunity to photograph exotic destinations.
    India is one of those opportunities.  A land known for its colour, food, monuments and religions India is truly a land of contrasts.  Mike will be pleased to present "Photos From India" at our next meeting.

Catherine Davey will be presenting her show and workshop "Macro Photography".
    Catherine has been a member of GBPC (and before that, the Bay Club) for more than ten years, serving on the board for most of that time.  She has been judging for about eight of those years having taken Martin's course twice and also completing the CAPA and GTCCC judging courses.  Catherine has attended the last four CAPA conferences taking part in workshops with photographers such as Freeman Patterson, Joel Grimes, Richard Martin, Dave Brosha and David DuChemin.
    For the macro workshop please bring your camera, a tripod and a macro lens if you have one (if not, bring what you have).  Extension tubes and ring flash are also 
useful.  There will be several table-top set-ups including a variety of subjects and lighting situations.  If you don't wish to shoot Catherine welcomes you to observe or to help others. 



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