Our Speakers


13 January

Howard Lipman - One Automobile at a Time


10 February

Stephen Bridgett - Post Processing and Organizational Procedures and Techniques using Lightroom and Photoshop

10 March

Richard Dewey and Eswar Prasad - Iceland and Judging a Photograph

14 April

Sam Kolber - Cuba

12 May

“Rocky Mountaineer and West Coast Adventure” - Judy and Ernie McCay


This is a travel adventure trip and the presentation will take you through the wonderful sights of Vancouver Island and a train ride through Kamloops, Jasper and Banff  on board the Rocky Mountaineer.  

115 slides.  Approximately 45m followed by Q&A.


“See and experience what we have around - a Covid time travel story”. Shashi Prasad


Even though we have been grounded for two years due to Covid, Shashi managed to find travel points (with Covid safety protocols) in a 100 km radius (a day trip) of Collingwood.  The show outlines places to see, wild life to photograph and otherwise enjoy this beautiful area.  24 min video followed by Q&A.

9 June

Doug Galloway - Drone Workshop