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Creating your Login Credentials - First time Users - Read this

Changing your email address


Have you changed your email address? Your login to the Members area of the website requires the email address provided when you became a member. If you change your email address you must inform the membership chairperson or your login attempt may fail. If you have changed your email address then you will need to click the 'Sign Up' link on the home page.

Showing your own website

Are you a member and have a website? Feature it under the 'Links' page. Message webmaster.

Decode the SIGs

SIG stands for special interest groups. 

Current SIGs are:

- Lr and Ps SIG - stands for Lightroom and Photoshop. This is a place to learn, be mentored and ask questions on all things related to Lr and Ps.

- Chat SIG - This is where you can share images, tell your stories, get feedback and advice, and talk all things photography.

- Front Seat Travel SIG - This is a place to virtually travel to other lands by enjoying the photographic presentation of other members. 

- Monthly Theme SIG - share your images and discuss by monthly theme.

Making Suggestions

Do you have a suggestion for improving the website? Message the webmaster.

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